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We currently have several workshops coming up in Montreal for the Winter months. Please see our facebook page for more information.

Make Your Own Organic Herbal Remedy


2 hours total - 35$ per person

Offered in English

What we’ll do

This class will focus on turning herbs from our farm into a useful remedy for you to take home. Firstly we will share a cup of tea from our organic farm, discuss how to safely use herbs and making sure nothing will interact with any current medicines or illnesses that you may have. Secondly we will then move onto the topic of how to make herbal transformations using oils, alcohols, vinegar etc. Then we will move onto making your own herbal remedy to take home. This remedy can take a few different forms and every workshop is custom made to your own needs. Here are a few suggestions for what you can make:

1) A herbal honey infused with Thyme & Sage Flowers great for sore throats

2) A nutritional apple cider vinegar high in iron and calcium made with Nettle, Dandelion & Oats

3) A herbal infused vodka (tincture) with Chamomile & Valerian to help with anxiety and insomnia

4) A beeswax and olive oil ointment with Calendula flowers to help sooth dry, cracked or chapped skin

5) A herbal tea blend, custom made to suit any of your needs

Please note everything is subject to what is available from our farm. We will discuss what you would like in more detail before the workshop starts.

We will host the workshop in my apartment which is not only in the heart of downtown Montreal but very close to several medicinal herb gardens as well. We can always go to the nearby gardens at the end of the workshop to visit the plants we have worked with. It is from my apartment that I have my own herbal apothecary situated and where I create all of my own personal remedies for myself and friends.

Book a class with us and message us directly through WeLoveNettles@gmail.com



Please enjoy some of the photos from our farm, workshops and markets.






An audio recording from a workshop hosted by Vanier Community Gardens. Find out more about the gardens here


Please note this was recorded before we became PDC certified. Some of the information is in-correct but it's better than nothing!

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