Here is the information from our internship in 2018. We will be re-visiting the curriculum for 2019 and applications will open the end of February 2019

The Basics ▼

What is it?

An informal, hands-on internship teaching the practical aspects of herbal medicine. This workshop is divided into three broad areas: Growing, transforming and distributing.

Why are you doing this?

We love teaching! We now believe we have the knowledge to inspire and empower others to start their own herbal adventure. The work the interns accomplish will also be key to the running of NNM as a business.

Growing what and where?

The farm we are currently renting is a certified organic vegetable farm. This internship will focus on growing medicinal herbs for market, as well as vegetables for our own consumption. The farm is located near St. Basile-Le-Grand and is a 30 minute drive or 60 minute bus from Montreal. We aim to organise a carpool together. Workshops and markets will take place in downtown Montreal.

When will this run?

This internship will begin in the middle of April and finish the middle of July.

What are my time commitments?

This internship runs for 60 hours, excluding travel time, over 12 weeks. This means we will meet on average once a week for 2-8 hours. For a detailed breakdown of the proposed schedule, please see the tables below. Precise dates to be confirmed at a later date.

How much does it cost?

$285 for the 12 weeks. This can be paid in installments if necessary. A reduced cost is available for those on a limited income. You can state on the application form if you wish to pay the reduced cost.

What are we going to learn?

A basic understanding of traditional 'Western' herbal medicine, how it works and what herbs they use. How to transform these herbs into useful products. What it takes to operate an organic farm growing vegetables and medicinal herbs using permaculture ethics and practices.

Are there any requirements?

This internship involves a fair amount of field work which means you'll need to be physically fit and able. Aside from that, a desire to learn and practice more herbal medicine and to get your hands in the earth. No greenthumbs necessary. You must be 18 years or older.

Why should I become an intern with NNM?

We love what we do and that shows in our workshops and our products. We will offer an enjoyable approach to learning about farming, herbal medicine and a new appreciation for the plant kingdom. If that resonates with you, come along and play outside with us! For more on what we stand for please read

More About The Herbal Side ▼

What is Community Supported Herbalism?

This is a special version of community supported agriculture (traditionally vegetable production.) The CSH works as such: Each person purchases a "share" at the beginning of the season. In return each shareholder receives a bounty of herbal goodies all grown at our farm every few months. The internship will be focused on growing, managing and distributing these shares.

How do you practice herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine means something different to everybody. We do not teach a set way to practice herbal medicine, rather we aim to educate our interns to make their own informed decisions regarding their health. We are not licensed to give medicinal diagnoses and we always recommend checking first with your medical practitioner before taking any medicinal herbs.

Can you give some example herbs?

Happily! From the common Stinging Nettle, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Chamomile and Peppermint to the more exotic Tulsi, Spilanthes and Hops...the list goes on!

Will the interns have their own land to grow on?

The internship will be in two teams. Each team will plan, plant and harvest their own plot of organic herbs and veggies. The plot size is 4'x15'

What happens during the herbal transformation sessions and markets?

During transformation sessions we will take our fresh, field grown herbs and learn how to make them into cream, salves, vinegars etc. Our markets will happen 1-2 times a month and will include the sale of our herbs as well as the collection of our subscriptions.

How does the Internship work? ▼

What is the money spent on?

30% on food lunches and dinners during internship hours, 30% for workshop animators and the rest for tools, equipment & miscellaneous costings. NNM will not be making any profit for this internship, your time is valuable enough to us. For the more information please see the attached document below.

How many people will be in the internship?

6 people. For workshops we will all be together, for all other occasions we will be in groups of 2-3

Who will be leading the workshops?

There are four workshops planned, with ourselves and at least two other external herbalists as animators

What language is it in?

This internship will be taught in English. We do work in both French & English environments.

Will the internship be paid? Accredited?

No. If you would like to do the internship as part of your university studies please let us know. We might be able to help.

What else can I expect?

Days working outside in all conditions, an introduction to a whole host of new plant allies and a friendly and open minded working environment. All interns will receive a certificate upon completion of their internship.

What's a day at the farm like for an intern?

We will spend 3-4 hours doing field work, 1 hour on educational activities and 1-2 hours on our own personal gardens. We will have a vegetarian cooked lunch supplemented with our own herbs and veggies (when available)

What your working environment policies?

We maintain a scent-free environment. We do not discriminate on the use of any herbs for any personal reason. We welcome all people from all backgrounds and all genders. Please read our visions section at to learn more about us and why we do (and love) what we do.

How To Apply

Applications to start at the end of Feb 2019


Expected Timetable

This is a summary of the time commitments (for example in June, there will 18 hours of total of contact time between us.) 

2 hour Workshop2 hour Workshop2 hour Workshop2 hour Workshop
6 Hour Farm Visit6 Hour Farm Visit x26 Hour Farm Visit x26 Hour Farm Visit x2
4 Hour Transformation4 Hour Transformation or Market4 Hour Transformation or Market
2 hour Internship Workshop

Draft Schedule

These are to list the options available for when the internship happens. If you can't make any of these, please do not be concerned.

Farm TimesWorkshop TimesTransformation SessionsMarket Sessions
Shift A 10am-4pm Sunday Shift C 7-9pm Sunday Shift C 7-9pm Sunday Shift E 10am-2pm Wednesday
Shift B 10am-4pm Tuesday Shift D 7-9pm Tuesday Shift D 7-9pm Tuesday Shift F 10am-2pm Thursday