Hire us for a workshop

How much: Our going rate for workshops is $125 + materials.

If you are a community organization, there are reduced rates on offer. We often host workshops that are just pay-what-you-can.

Where: We have given workshops in community locations, schools, public parks, private businesses, backyards and residences. We also have our own personal event space in downtown Montreal.

What language? English workshops are preferred - We do offer our workshops in French too.

What can you offer: Here is a small list of our most popular events…

Wild Plant & Herb Tour: A guided walk displaying the various wild edible, medicinal and poisonous plants that can be found in your area.

Identifying Quebec Edible, Medicinal & Poisonous Plants: Once your eyes are opened to the abundance of wild foods and medicines that are growing all around us, it's hard to look at that 'weed' growing on your street the same way. This workshop will teach how to safely identify some of the most common wild edible, medicinal and poisonous plants in and around Montreal as well as good foraging practice, recipes and respect for the plants themselves.

art of tea.jpg

The Art of Making Tea: There are hundreds of medicinal plants literally growing under our feet when we take a walk outside. This workshop will examine the oldest form of medicine we have on this planet, the humble cup of tea. Moving outside the norms of black tea, green tea and coffee - This workshop is focusing on the herbal medicinal teas available to the local peoples of Quebec.

Make Your Own Natural Skin Care: During this workshop we will explore how to allow your natural beauty to flourish using botanical ingredients. Using oils infused with our own herbs we will learn and demonstrate how to make natural skin care to protect and nourish the skin.

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